What is a typical Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.


Anonymous, Student, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Class of 2016

When you walk through the halls of CHCA, you see every kind of kid. You see the football players, the cheerleaders, the artists, the band kids and the nerds. But what makes our school different than any other school, is our passion for the same kinds of things. We are all driven to serve the community and the world, while teaching them about Christianity. Everyone at school has a different story with Christianity. Some are strong, while others are still figuring out who they are. No matter what path we are on, we are still able to come together and share our story. There is no typical student. We are all different and plan to do our own things. We might all start in the same place, but we will all end up in different places with one similarity; we all have the passion to serve God, no matter the cost.

Anonymous, Student, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Class of 2016

Most students at CHCA are rather wealthy, although there are a few underprivileged students who attend on scholarships (several transfer from the inner-city Armleder campus as well). The student body is mainly white, though there are some African American students and Chinese international students. The majority of students are Christian, though that is not a requirement (though regardless of personal religious belief all students are required to take religion classes and attend chapel). Anybody who wants the academic rigor of a college preparatory academy in a casual environment that stresses personal freedom and responsibility would do well here.

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