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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Oxnard College?


Anonymous, Student, Oxnard College, Class of 2017

Oxnard college students love to go to the library most of the time. It's weird. When I first walked into Oxnard College, I saw everybody walk towards the library and I wanted to see it myself. I realized you can take naps in the library if you really needed it. Napping is fun right? Oxnard thinks it is. Another thing they do for fun is go into the theatre club and see a lot of students do IMPROV. Improv is acting on stage without a script. You just make up your own lines. It's a wonderful place to make friends and act on stage and express your inner self. Lastly, students love to go to the student lounge to hang out but not only that, they have an arcade in there to help students get their mind off of stress. I see a lot of people come in and make new friends. I think that's great.

Anonymous, Student, Oxnard College, Class of 2019

This will be my first semester at Oxnard College. I am transferring from College of the Canyons to do the dental hygiene program. At College of the Canyons people liked to hang out in the grass and have lunch for fun.

Anonymous, Student, Oxnard College, Class of 2015

At Oxnard College we plan field trips to museums, join clubs of interest to help out the community and ourselves, and attend a variety of presentations at our Performing Arts Center.

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