Describe the type of student who should attend Pacific Lutheran University. Why?



A student that is defined by these three words should attend Pacific Lutheran University. Persistence. Hope. Mentor. These three words have significant meaning to me. Persistence in learning. Hope for a bright future. Becoming a mentor to others. I was in the third grade when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I tested into the highest reading class because I compensated with my memory. However I fell behind in my assignments and struggled with the reading. I felt terrible, like I wasn’t as smart as everybody else. Since my school didn't offer any special assistance for children with learning disabilities my parents had to enroll me in an after school study program called Sylvan. It was through this one-on-one interaction that I was able to improve my grades dramatically. They understood my disability and were able to utilize various teaching methods to help me. Though the homework was difficult, my persistence paid off. It filled me with hope. Though I still struggled with reading constantly, in my education I’ve been able to understand my shortcoming and work around them. I attended University of Alaska Southeast after high school because it was a state school and entrance was easy. However I found my instructors weren't interested in furthering my education. There was a lack of guidance that left me feeling lost. Through my experience of struggling with a learning disability I feel compelled to help others so that they don't feel the same way that I did when I was younger. I believe that I have the ability to reach out to them like no one else can. I have first hand experience that one method of teaching won't reach everyone. I found that teachers that employed multiple teaching methods left me enthused. Teachers who strictly required reading and tested on reading left me behind and feeling less than adequate. I want to be the mentor that I needed when I was a child. Just like the tutor at Sylvan was for me. With enough persistence and hope I was able to achieve success. I feel my next step is to become a mentor for others who experience the same struggles. This is why I am attending PLU and entering the School of Education. Persistence. Hope. Mentor. These three words will be my story.


One of the elements to this school that I enjoy most is the art and architecture. Huge windows bring in lots of natural light and the numerous environmental awards displayed on campus buildings reflect PLU's mission to support nature and preserve the beauty of the world we live in. Art and speakers that are important to the community are brought in all the time. Every aspect of PLU, from the towering trees to the dedication to outdoor sports, reminds me how much I love where I live. Washington State has a program called Running Start where high school juniors and seniors can attend community college while still in high school. Using this program, I managed to obtain my Associate's Degree a few months after I graduated from high school. Many colleges wouldn't accept all of the credit that I'd received, but PLU took me in, gave me junior status and helped me to advance in my studies. I didn't get this kind of willingness to work with me at any other university that I considered. PLU is full of people who are friendly and genuinely want to help students excel at whatever it is they want to do. All professors are required to hold office hours, and even when they're off work, they're willing and ready to help students. Other benefits of small, private schools include great student-teacher ratios, personal attention and the ability to learn as an individual, not just another student. PLU also does an excellent job of granting scholarships to nearly everyone who applies, making it cheaper than most public schools in the region. Students who love the Pacific Northwest (Washington / Oregon / Idaho / Montana), needs a flexible school and/or want to reap the benefits of a small, private college should attend Pacific Lutheran University (PLU).

Anonymous, Student, Pacific Lutheran University, Class of 2019

Pacific Lutheran University is for students that are kind-hearted, interested in studying abroad, searching for a holistic education, and who love serving their community.

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