Would you recommend attending Plymouth North High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Plymouth North High School, Class of 2016

Plymouth North High School is honestly overlooked and has never been recognized as the exceptional school that it is. Little do people know that my High School strives to make everyone better. Often students feel the need to just copy down information but North is where students, like myself, can learn how these applications apply to our everyday lives and grow a better understanding of varies topics due to multiple forms of learning. Plymouth North understands that no individual learns the same. I have personally had teacher who have said that they should not be a teacher the day they give up on improving a child education, no matter the level of difficulty. The most unique and amazing aspect of my school is that it does not feel like a burden, but provides it's students with a family like setting. You spend everyday with friends whom you grow with and facility who strive to connect with each individual to form a bond.

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