If I like the Montessori philosophy, but can't afford to send my child to a Montessori preschool. Can I try to implement some of those techniques at home? Or should I leave it to the professionals?


Jenny Bristol, Homeschooling Parent, Writer, and Editor

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The hands-on philosophy of Montessori school can easily be implemented at home. Don't feel that you need to pay to send your kids to a Montessori preschool if you are interested in giving it a try yourself. You can educate yourself on Montessori methods and then implement those methods at home. There are plenty of materials you can procure, or you can just round up things around the house to use. Homeschooling in a Montessori way is also done, and there's plenty of help and advice for you in that regard. Here are some resources to get you started.

I applaud your desire to teach your child in a Montessori fashion. That kind of learning is so important, teaching children how to make their own decisions, getting plenty of physical, hands-on learning, and taking responsibility for their own actions and effects on others. Have fun with it!

Brianne Keith, Senior Editor and Writer, WGBH Education

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Here is another resource for you: http://www.resourcesforearlylearning.org.

The web site was designed to provide early childhood learning resources to support early childhood education centers, preschools, and parents like yourself. They do not follow the Montessori way, per se, but they are resources that were created under the guidance of experts in early childhood education.

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