Describe the type of student who should not attend Campbell University and explain why.



The type of student who should not consider attending is one who, in their heart, really doesn't want to enroll at Campbell University. Students who are applying for admission under duress, maybe because their parents are alumni, or because a sibling attended Campbell, or maybe even because their best friend in high school wants to go there, should not attend Campbell. If the student is totally honest about where they want to attend college, and if Campbell in not their first choice of those they've been accepted by, then they should do everyone else a favor, including those who are already on campus, and decline the offer of admission at Campbell. This might possibly open the door for someone who really has their heart set on Campbell, that otherwise may have to accept their second choice.


Campbell university is a very diverse campus so mostly anyone can attend and is accepted by the student body. I wouldn't discourage anyone from attending, but if you aren't going to be focused on your education then you are going to be wasting your money by going to Campbell

Anonymous, Student, Campbell University, Class of 2019

A student who only desires to party should not attend Campbell University. Campbell University does NOT tolerate students who wish NOT to succeed. A student who is irresponsible or lacks the academic requirements should not attend. Campbell University has very strict academic requirements and its accepting rate is strict. Someone who is unsure of themselves should not attend. Campbell University desires student who are prepared to succeed right now.

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