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Describe the type of student who should attend Colorado College. Why?


Mohamed Marks, Game Theory

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I have heard that they are looking for students who specialize in Game Theory - that basically means, for example, you are good at Poker (by the way, if you are looking for a good service for playing poker, you can try with Poker QQ, here's a great article about their service ) and you know that there are a lot of applications for Game Theory in Poker - you can be absolutely attended. As you know, Von Neumann's original book on the game and economic theory use examples from poker and there are quite a lot of sites that tout the use of game theory to make your poker playing better. Since game theory can be applied to any competitive situation that can have aspects of it expressed in mathematical terms it is obvious that poker is a great subject. You might be better off asking what aspects of poker are NOT subject to analysis with game theory.

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