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Describe the type of student who should attend Loyola Academy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Loyola Academy, Class of 2016

Determination and perseverance are key qualities a Loyola student should have. No matter the circumstances, whether it be academically, athletically, or other extracurricular activities Loyola students should be prepared for whatever comes their way. High school is an extenuating time on one's physical and mental health. Therefore, the student should be determined to succeed and push himself or herself to his or her highest potential. It is important to maintain determination and perseverance in the classroom. There are too many instances where students feel as if they should throw in the towel and stop trying. However, that is the total opposite of what one should do. Even if the class may be challenging or time consuming, overall it is more beneficial to stick with the concept because it will be beneficial in the long run, especially when it comes time for college applications. Athletics are an important factor of Loyola's school dynamics. Personally, I have had experience in which I have wanted to give up and quit the sport I love, cheerleading. Except, I realized junior year its importance to me and how it has helped me grow as a person because I was able to push through the bad days and triumph in the good days. Students in every sport from football to dance all have experiences with times where it seemed appropriate to quit because the hard work did not seem worth it. But, when the end comes they will be able to say they successfully finished out the season with a determined mindset willing to conquer anything that comes their way. Finally, extracurricular activities are pivotal in the Loyola community. It is how students meets new people and get to express their views and opinions. After a while, the meetings become tedious and fall into a sort of routine. Students become less interested in attending meetings because they already have a set spot in the club so what more could happen? This lack of interest shows something about their personality. The students who do show up to meetings every week are held at a higher standard and are more respected. They are determined to meet the weekly agenda and open up their schedule to work with the club. In conclusion, Loyola students are quite busy, but there is one thing for sure that a majority of the student body has picked up during their time at this institution. It is that school can sometimes be drag with all the heavy burdens dragging students down, but throughout the hardships, Loyola students have become accustomed to fighting that battle within because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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