Describe the type of student who should attend Montgomery College. Why?



A student who should attend Montgomery College should be one who wants to save money by going to a 2 year college and transfer to a university. Also, is willing to take general studies here first, so that they do not have to take it at a university, where the classes will be much more expensive. These students should be hard working and be determined to get good grades so that they can transfer into any school that they want to go to.


All different kinds of students attend Montgomery College. We have students with a 4.0 or students who have less than a 1.75. We have students from 130 countries, from all the different continents. We have very serious and not so serious students. We have students who are extremely involved on campus and students who only come to attend class. We have students who come right out of high school, parents, single mothers, retired individuals, and more. We have such diversity, something that out school prides itself on. There isn't one type of student, making studying at Montgomery College interesting.

Anonymous, Student, Montgomery College, Class of 2018

Montgomery College is practically a school for everyone. You may be someone who is attending because they want to go on to another university, or you can be someone that has already attended university and is extending their education even further. You may also be someone that just wants to attend school to reach their goal of a nice career. Montgomery College is a school of diversity, however what we all have in common is that we want to achieve the same goal. We are courageous, strong, and accepting because in the end that's what we need to be able to achieve what our goal is no matter the situation.

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