What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Hagerstown Community College?


Anonymous, Student, Hagerstown Community College, Class of 2019

The close proximity that most students and faculty have to Hagerstown Community College allows the creation and building of different clubs and organizations to be less daunting and more personal. Most students take pleasure in continuing their beloved sports that had, in a way, raised them since they began school. HCC offers multiple sports, often with scholarships involved. Other enjoyable activities for students revolve around Performance Arts. The school has a company of performers who, in addition to putting on seasonal productions, can also be found giving classes to aspiring performers, traveling to New York, and spreading the joy of live Theatre. HCC students and faculty are given the luxury of seeing these performances for free. In addition to continuing sports or performing in/seeing shows, Hagerstown Community College students are always encouraged to begin their own clubs. Independence mixed with creativity is enforced throughout the school. The Student Government Association is one outlet students can utilize to either get their opinions heard and respected, or to allow their innovative ideas take place. Hagerstown Community College is a school that, because of it being a community college and therefore a collection of students who have yet to move on to larger schools, becomes an undeserved target of criticism. That being said, the school does an excellent job of allowing students to follow (and discover) their passions; to name just three is an understatement.

Anonymous, Student, Hagerstown Community College, Class of 2018

The students at Hagerstown Community College do a lot of different activities in order to pass their time during the semester. These activities vary depending on the semester. During the fall semester students can usually be found in the student lounge area playing video games or just hanging out, in the recreation building playing all types of sports, or just cruising around campus. During the spring semester the students are usually seen at the pool or in the mall.

Anonymous, Student, Hagerstown Community College, Class of 2017

At Hagerstown, most students just hang out for fun. There is not so much to get into in Hagerstown, and we are surrounded by farms and cows!

Anonymous, Student, Hagerstown Community College, Class of 2019

Not much fun stuff to do around the school other than go to the 1) go to the Movies, 2) Shop and 3) go out to Eat.

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