How can I find a low-cost tutor for an elementary schooler who has epilepsy and is falling behind in class?

I need help for my son with writing and reading he is 6 years old. He's been in kindergarten for 2 years. He need extra help because he has epilepsy seizures. He doesn't know how to write or read. Can you help me find someone to help for a low price or free?


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There are lots of great tutors available that can help your son, and you can use the Noodle tutoring search to find one. This search will help you find a tutor near Lincolnton that specializes in learning differences for Elementary students. Cassondra looks to be a great match, as she works with students of the right age, works with students with learning differences, and compared to other tutors is relatively lower in cost. To get in touch with her, you can click the Contact Tutor button at the top of her profile, and be brought to a page that will let you contact her directly.

If you are struggling to find relevant tutors nearby, you can also see if there are Online tutors who can help. You can find online tutors by adjusting the Location question in the search and checking Online, such as in this search. I was able to find one tutor who was online and has worked with a student with epilepsy before. Her name is Katherine and this is her profile. Online tutoring may be challenging with younger students, though, but it can be worth reaching out to Katherine or other tutors to see if they has been successful in the past with similar students.

I hope that I was able to help!

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