Where are gifted programs for K - 5 in South Gables, Kendall, South Miami and Pinecrest area? Where and when do we apply to get a child tested and how young can they be to be tested?


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To find out more about what Gifted and Talented Education Programs are available in your area or to get specific information about testing procedures, contact the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Advanced Academic Programs, which oversees the district's programs in Gifted Education, Advanced Placement, Honors, etc. You can reach their office either via email or at 305-995-1934.

If you're already living in the area, another option is to contact your local school and inquire as to their program offerings, testing procedures, etc. To find out what school your child will attend based on your address, use the school locator tool on the Miami-Dade County Public Schools website.

For more advice about how to find a gifted program for your child, I'd recommend reading the article "How to Choose a School for Your Gifted Child" by Liz Perelstein.

Another useful resource is the Florida Department of Education's Gifted Education page, which provides an overview of laws and regulations related to Gifted Education in Florida.

Hope this helps!

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