Describe the type of student who should attend University of California-Berkeley. Why?


Velma Dennis, American School of Economics

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This is the American School of Economics. I heard that most of the students of this university dream of free use of auxiliary online resources Paperial. I conducted a survey on freedom of action. You can read the results on my blog.


The type who cares, the type who wants to see change, the type who will make those changes, and the type who will take action. Why? Because students of Cal are the type of students who will leave Earth with a positive impact.


The type of student who should attend UC Berkeley, or Cal, is one who is open minded and not afraid of hard work. An open minded person should attend UC Berkeley because the student body is extremely diverse, in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, and political affiliation. Should anyone desire more information regarding any topic of interest, there are more than enough resources on campus that are eager to share their thoughts. With more than 1,200 student clubs and organizations, there are innumerable ways to get involved and pursue one’s interests. An individual who is not afraid of hard work should also attend UC Berkeley. As the number one public university in the world, the competition is fierce, regardless of nature. Those who like a challenge and who thrive under pressure should definitely attend UC Berkeley, because it pushes students to be the best that they can be. Since Cal is a well known research institution, students who are passionate about their major and want to further pursue information and career knowledge also have the opportunity to work closely with faculty. Students do not come to Cal because it is an easy institution. They attend the school because it is an invaluable resource and opportunity to ensure that we are the best in our field. Students with an open mind and diligence should attend UC berkeley to achieve that goal of excellence.


A student who attends UC Berkeley should very much be open-minded. They must be eager to learning about different perspectives, creating discussion between peers, sharing their own ideas, and listening to the ideas of others. They must also be ambitious. Berkeley offers many resources and opportunities, which are only helpful if one takes full advantage of such. There are so many people at Berkeley, making it all the more necessary for each student to go out and take what they need from what is available from the school. The large number of students allows for the opportunity to meet different people everywhere you go, but also creates heightened competition. It is important for a student at Berkeley to recognize this, go after something that they want, but also create a stable support group to help them when they need it.


Driven students should attend this university. They will fit in if they also have an outgoing personality.

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