What is a typical William Jewell College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend William Jewell College.


Anonymous, Student, William Jewell College, Class of 2019

a typical William Jewell student is someone who thinks differently to solve problems. They are encouraged to expand their horizon when thinking and putting themselves in another person's shoes before making a set decision.

Anonymous, Student, William Jewell College, Class of 2015

A person who should attend William Jewell College is someone who is committed to excellence in his or her education. The rigorous nature of the classes at William Jewell means that a student must be very focused on doing well in School in order to succeed. Professors expect a lot and students learn to consistently produce quality material. A William Jewell student is also happy to live on campus and mix with the diverse body of students. Since living on campus is required, it is important for a student to get to know the other students and create strong community and friend networks.

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