Describe the type of student who should attend Eastern Michigan University. Why?



Any person that is looking for a diverse student population should attend Eastern Michigan University (EMU). EMU is one of the most diverse schools in the state of Michigan. Coming from a small town like I did, it allows you to make new friends and expose you to different groups of people. Each person that attends EMU is unique in their own way and allowing each individual to express who they are without judgement is what happens here. It is very amazing to see the amount of people attending this university and the different types of individuals that are around. It is very refreshing to see new groups of people and allowing to make friends with these different groups is great way to expose yourself to different ethnicities. EMU allows us to make new friends that will last a lifetime.


College is a type of school that everyone should attend and at Eastern Michigan University, students would get a great education. The type of people I believe that should attend this university are people that are truly serious about wanting to learn and become successful. The professors there set us up for success, but only for the ones that truly want it. Also, if students are having trouble, there are always ways to find some help. For the most part, every one from the age of eighteen on, would be perfect at Eastern Michigan.


The type of student who should attend Eastern Michigan University who want to commute. People who want to get to know their professors and are likable to medium size classes.

Anonymous, Student, Eastern Michigan University, Class of 2017

The type of student who should attend EMU should be a determined and hard working student because the school provides full and very educational classes that requires more than simply showing up to class. The student must be ready to study everyday, stay up late, see the professor out of class and work with classmates for reasons other than group projects in order to succeed at EMU.

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