What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Brewton-Parker College?


Anonymous, Student, Brewton-Parker College, Class of 2018

Well Brewton-Parker College is in the middle of south Georgia so there is not much we as students can do. We have not really been able to enjoy our college experience because of all the rules and regulations that we have to follow. A lot of the "fun" things that we have on campus either do not work, are not available for our use all the time, or they are not safe to use. My first two years at the college were very fun because of the administration and how they were involved and wanted to know how they could change our experience and make it better. Now under our new administration we barely have a chance to interact with each other and they are not as concerned with how our college experience is going. I am hopeful that things at Brewton-Parker will get better not just for me, but also for my fellow peers.

Anonymous, Student, Brewton-Parker College, Class of 2019

There are many fun things that students do at Brewton- Parker students do at college. The top three fun things to do is fishing in the campus lake, attending many sporting events, and have Xbox FIFA soccer tournaments.

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