Would you recommend attending Academy for Social Action A College Board School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Academy for Social Action A College Board School, Class of 2016

I would not recommend for anyone to attend Academy for Social Action. The general atmosphere of the school, which is surrounded by gates, gives off a bad feeling like imprisonment. There is no diversity with the students, there are in the school, only African Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Furthermore, we are all packed onto one floor, the other 3 floors of the building are used for other schools. There is no space for the schools to have and it could also be dangerous in case of an emergency such as a fire. Also, the Spanish teacher is horrible. She puts things on the board and expects you to just do them but gives the kids who already know Spanish different work, which isn't even fair. She doesn't even check work anymore, and she grades by intervals of 5's instead of gathering an average. The uniform isn't pushed enough since a large number of student's don't wear uniform a lot if not at all. More so, some of the student's are disrespectful to the teacher, cursing at them and not doing work when asked and little punishment. The negatives overwhelm the positive and all around it's not worth it because there are better places to attend.

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