What is a typical Rocky Mountain High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Rocky Mountain High School.


Anonymous, Parent of student at Rocky Mountain High School

Rocky Mountain prides itself on being a school where ALL students feel valued and welcome no matter where they come from or what their beliefs are. We have a goal to be "other minded", which means we put emphasis on helping anyone who needs help.

Anonymous, Student, Rocky Mountain High School, Class of 2016

The typical Rocky Mountain High student is one who believes in family. Our school as grown to be such a tight knit group that we have considered ourselves one big family. A student wanting to attend Rocky Mountain should be able to have a lot of school spirit and like to be involved in the schools activities.

Anonymous, Student, Rocky Mountain High School, Class of 2016

School Spirited. Students at Rocky Mountain love the school and are usually in spirit clothing at least once a week. At football or basketball games the student crowd gets HUGE!!! We even storm the courts and fields during big games. Student Council does a great job with dances and posters, it really makes you love the school.

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