Describe the type of student who should not attend Rasmussen College-Illinois and explain why.



A student that is looking for a big campus with lots of out side of school activities should not attend Rasmussen. Rasmussen is very specialized in education but doesn't offer very many ways to get involved outside of the classroom. If being in a sorority or a fraternity is a huge selling point when looking for colleges Rasmussen would not be a good fit.

Anonymous, Student, Rasmussen College-Illinois, Class of 2017

This is not the college for someone that is not motivated. The majority of their classes are online and if you are not self motivated you will not succeed. You need to have discipline to be able to sit down at home on your own time and listen to the lectures, do the homework, and submit everything onine. Rasmussen college is only for serious students that are ready and excited about learning!

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