Describe the type of student who should attend South Iredell High School. Why?


Anonymous, Parent of student at South Iredell High School

South Iredell High School offers both a traditional and an IB education. If you enter the IB program you will follow a rigorous course of study. Students should be willing to work hard and think for themselves.

Anonymous, Student, South Iredell High School, Class of 2016

South Iredell High School is a "melting pot" high school in the middle of Iredell County, full of people with a variety of interests, pursuits, and academic achievements. One particular advantage to South Iredell High School is the IB program, a program that I am involved in that pushes students to be challenged academically, connect topics of discussion to a global standpoint, and balance heavy extracurriculars on top of a rigorous course load. However, if a student does not wish to be a part of this program, South Iredell offers tremendous sports programs and clubs for almost any future career or activity you can think of, offering students the option to stretch themselves in anyway they would like. South Iredell is a high school that is most fitting for students willing to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them, and explore their intellectual curiosity.

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