What was a typical College of Lake County student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend College of Lake County.


Anonymous, Student, College of Lake County, Class of 2017

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 Being an individual human being, I would not be able to accurately describe what a typical high school student attending college of Lake County would be like because each individual human being differentiates. From my experience, I may only say that I was no more than just a regular student in the hallways of Vernon Hills High School. I admired my high school because it is a blue ribbon  school with an excellent education standards. Just like the rest of my classmates, I would work hard and earn good grades hoping to attend a university and/or college; however, I decided to attend the College of Lake County for few very good reasons. First, unlike some of my classmates, my parents were financially struggling and the College of Lake County was within our budget. Most students attend College of Lake County because it is affordable and provides phenomenal quality education. Students who may be financially struggling should definitely consider the College of Lake County. In addition, students who like smaller portion classes and reflect  and depend on their professors also consider the College of Lake County because the classrooms are small and each professor may demonstrate personal assistance and attention. Last but not  least, students who are willing to be in the atmosphere of diversity will definitely consider CLC because it is a gateway for students to become familiar with diversity and cultural aspects of the world. Thus, students may receive affordable and quality education,  personal attention, and diversity within different cultures.

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