Asked about: Viola High School

Which 3 extracurricular activities at Viola High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Viola High School, Class of 2015

The three most popular extra-curricular activities that are most popular at Viola High School are Basketball, Baseball/Softball, and surprisingly, Spanish Club. In a small town there isn't much to do and schools don't have the resources that schools in more urban areas do, so sports are very important. Spanish club, since it has been revived with the welcoming of our new Spanish teacher has seen great growth. I have found students be excited to learn of other cultures, and take part in learning a skill that will have a great impact on their future life. However, I am not athletic, and was not eligible for Spanish club due to the fact that I had taken Spanish previously online and let's just say that was sadly a waste of time. I would personally, recommend the Beta club, because it drives people to achieve academically and strive to be good students. Secondly, I would recommend Yearbook, because it provides a creative outlet for students and also provides key computer skills, business skills, and communication skills. Finally, I would recommend joining Physics. While it is technically a class, our school's senior physics class builds an electric car every year and participates in a competition developed by the state's main power provider. This is something I never expected to enjoy but it provided me with information of basic wiring and electrical processes, something that is of growing importance, while also teaching the value of teamwork as there is a group of students that often have to solve problems that come up with the car and troubleshoot, and teamwork will always be an important skil.

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