Describe the type of student who should not attend The University of Texas-Pan American and explain why.


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I think a student who does not have to attend this university is the student who does not want to study, at the moment I am studying at a college in Boston and helping to write an essay at, if you need help, you can contact me or go to the site.


The students who should not come, are the ones who are arrogant and big-headed. The ones who think they are better than UTPA standards and want to go somewhere else. The students who shouldn't come her if they want to get into an ivy league. It is possible for a student from UTPA to go to an ivy league, but they would have to wait a while instead of going straight into the ivy league school.

Anonymous, Student, The University of Texas-Pan American, Class of 2019

Anyone and everyone who take advantage of college courses -- slacking off, not coming to class, etc, should not be allowed in because that is not what college is for. It is for serious matters of life, of careers.

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