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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Bay State College?


Anonymous, Student, Bay State College, Class of 2017

Well, let me tell you the 3 reasons, I chose Bay State and why I would choose it again. 1) It's a very career focused school. They have over a 90% job placement rate for their graduates, and that is getting them jobs IN their career fields. If you're willing to put the effort into your education, the teachers and staff will work just as hard to make sure you're set when you graduate.

2) It's small and they care. this was a big factor for me. I enjoy the small school atmosphere and would never change it. Professors know you by name, they notice when you're slacking and when you're putting in extra effort. These Bay State faculty will work endlessly to help you get your degree and many go out of their way to accommodate best they can to your needs. As an Entertainment Management major, teachers are always willing and excited to sit down and just chat with your about their experiences or help you draft a contract when you start managing bands, or simply just have a conversation about the industry. The staff is always helpful and they actually care about your success.

3) It's a great location. I came from out of state and BSC was a great location for me. New to Boston, it is right smack in the middle of everything and you can explore and get used to the city easily. The dorms are in the beautiful historic Brownstones on Commonwealth that many people would never have the privilege of stepping foot in unless they become millionaires, but we get to live in them for school and be in Back Bay Boston.

Anonymous, Student, Bay State College, Class of 2016

The first reason someone should attend Bay State College is for the accommodation. Weather you work around the clock with little to know time or have time in between for education, the college offers day and evening classes for students with different situations. Another reason someone should attend Bay State is for the professors. We have someone of the best professors ever, most which whom have worked in there field that the students want to go into, they share there knowledge and experience with us to help us move closer to our dreams of becoming who we want to be. The last reason someone should attend Bay State College is, you get the University education with out the university price. For most the college is very much affordable.

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