What is a typical New World School of the Arts student like? Describe the type of person who should attend New World School of the Arts.


Anonymous, Student, New World School of the Arts, Class of 2016

The typical NWSA student is very open-minded and LOVES their art. If you love your art, then audition for NWSA! You'll be surrounded by it everyday for 3 hours.

Anonymous, Student, New World School of the Arts, Class of 2016

New World students are students that have a passion for their respective art. They will put forth effort in order to hone in their craft and get ready to go out into the world of the performing arts and do what they do best.

Anonymous, Student, New World School of the Arts, Class of 2016

To understand the type of student that attends New World, one must understand their daily routine. A typical day at my school is very different than most others. Because it is an arts school, every student spends half their day taking academic classes, and the other half taking arts classes. Because the school is smack in the center of Downtown Miami, it can be a bit of a commute for some; I take the bus every morning to arrive at 7:15. Classes begin at 7:30, with my first being AP Calculus. Following that, I have Creative Writing 3, my online class period, and AP US History. Then, every student has a 45 minute lunch period during which they are free to walk around the downtown area to purchase food. At 12:10, we all return for one final academic class, of which mine is English III. Every student takes those same five classes every day. After that, every student has two art classes that last an hour and a half each. These art classes change day to day. For example, because I'm in the theatre strand, on Mondays and Wednesdays I take Stage Movement and Acting, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I take Speech/Voice and Scene Study. Friday I take Physical Theatre and Acting. The school day ends at 3:45, later than most school days do, but every minute of it is absolutely worth it. The education I've received at New World has benefited me so much over these past three years, and truly changed me as a person. The type of person that I am because of this school is intelligent, social, well-spoken, and ambitious. There are many demands placed upon the students here, from the commute to the amount of work placed upon them from two fronts, both an academic and arts front. However, the benefits gained from this are truly worthwhile and long lasting, and anyone willing to endure the work for the learning is an excellent applicant for the school.

Anonymous, Parent of student at New World School of the Arts

Innovator, open minded, curious, independent, strong character with good academic standards. Willing to take criticism from peers. Able to manage their time between performing and academics.

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