What is a typical Bothell High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Bothell High School.


Anonymous, Student, Bothell High School, Class of 2017

The great thing about Bothell is that we are so incredibly diverse. There is no "typical student" because our differences unite us. Attending this school has allowed me to understand different cultures and traditions and meet a variety of new people whose beliefs and ideas have influenced me as a person. In contrast with a typical high school, there aren't many cliques. Instead, a feeling of unity lingers in the air as all students mingle with each other and aren't separated by any high school hierarchy. I have had the opportunity to befriend amazing people who I never would have envisioned myself being friends with before. Bothell has given me the chance to realize that, though different, we share similar experiences and ideas and after all, we're all human. So to answer this question fully, the typical student who would attend Bothell High School is one who brings their own incredible uniqueness to the table. We learn about each other, we learn with each other, and we learn from each other - our differences allowing each and every one of us to "build, belong, and become" at Bothell High School.

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