What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Trinity University?


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i think your answers are stupid. i am a twelve girl sitting at a public library doing an avid project from 6:09pm to now 7;09 looking for what trinity students do for fun and i don't t think ,y teachers will accept that all the students do is party . thanks for wasting my time. and for the zero i will be getting for a grade :(

Anonymous, Student, Trinity University, Class of 2017

  • Assistant direct main stage shows with the theater department
  • Spend time with my Zeta Chi sorority sisters
  • Write plays and poetry in the creative writing department
Anonymous, Student, Trinity University, Class of 2017

  1. A lot of the students at Trinity are involved with sports, whether it be varsity, club or intramural. For example, I'm on the football team. And if you're not part of a team, you could go to games!
  2. There are a lot of opportunities and options for greek life on campus. Most of greek life are not national fraternities or sororities. These fraternities and sororities get together religiously and interact with each other well.
  3. Trinity is close to downtown where you could enjoy the riverwalk and bars. It's also relatively close to other colleges like Texas State and UTSA.
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There are a ton of ways that Trinity students do for fun. There are always free events offered for students like concerts, comedians, or movie showings. Another thing to do for fun at Trinity is attend a sporting event. There is always a game or a match taking place on campus, and it's fun to support your fellow Tigers in the stands with some friends. Lastly, Trinity's central location in San Antonio allows students to enjoy all that San Antonio has to offer as well. Whether that is going downtown to visit the Riverwalk, or driving to Six Flags. There is never any shortage of fun things to do around Trinity!

Anonymous, Student, Trinity University, Class of 2018

Trinity University is a all girl school so on campus we have monthly meetings and activities to connect as students and support each other. We have student engagements where we listen to music, dance, and eat together as a community. We also come together as groups to start clubs and events for certain holidays or classes. Lastly, we take field trips and make a initiative to help the community by volunteering at homeless shelters.

Anonymous, Student, Trinity University, Class of 2016

Students at Trinity are motivated, active and well-rounded. Three things that students do for fun include sports, eating Mexican food, and celebrating anything and everything with a festival or party. Trinity has a large athletics program, but outside of varsity spots, a large portion of the student body is active in intramural sports, club sports, and pickup. Being in San Antonio, the Mexican food is abundant. I have never been to a birthday dinner or a Friday night out that didn't include sopapillas and queso. Lastly, Trinity students love to celebrate. Whether its downtown during Fiesta San Antonio, or an on campus Diwali festival, Trinity students always find a reason to gather, eat and celebrate.

Anonymous, Student, Trinity University, Class of 2018

The top three things that we do for fun are participate in the Nacho Wednesday, parties on the weekend and using the 3D printer.

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