What is a typical West Babylon Senior High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend West Babylon Senior High School.


Anonymous, Student, West Babylon Senior High School, Class of 2016

The typical WBSHS student is someone who is very well-rounded, doing sports, being an academic achiever and involved in other various activities going on in the school. WBSHS students are very hard working and dedicated to being the best at what we do. If you attend WBSHS, expect to work hard and keep up with the flow of every student being the best as they possibly can be.

Anonymous, Parent of student at West Babylon Senior High School

West Babylon Senior High School students come from a variety of backgrounds. Typical students are friendly and community oriented. The type of person that should attend WBSHS is a person who is interested in community service and getting along well with others.

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