What was a typical Brookhaven College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Brookhaven College.


Anonymous, Student, Brookhaven College, Class of 2015

Brookhaven College is a multicultural school, one would have to be open minded and easy going. The sense of community shown throughout the campus, students are eager to learn and socialize. The typical Brookhaven College student would most likely have been the same while in high school.

Anonymous, Student, Brookhaven College, Class of 2016

Everyone in Brookhaven are different; from someone who think they'll have no future to someone who have so many hopes for their future. Everyone can attend Brookhaven no matter if you're young are old, rich or poor, citizen or international student, if you have hopes and determine to get your degree then and college will open their arms and accept you

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