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Describe the type of student who should not attend Wheaton College and explain why.



Wheaton college is exclusively an evangelical institution. Although all people are welcome, if a student who does not have a Christian faith comes, he or she will feel extremely out of place. Ironically however, many people tend to lose their faith after Wheaton. People who have not been raised in a Christian household, or who have never been saved should not come to Wheaton. If you are a liberal minded person, know that Wheaton will not exactly welcome you with open arms. If you are a democrat, you're believes will be questioned.

Anonymous, Student, Wheaton College, Class of 2019

Students who are not ready for the responsibility in becoming an adult and taking matters into their own hands regarding their education to prepare for their future should not attend Wheaton College. You need to be mentally prepared to help yourself because it is not a place for slackers. Wheaton College will help you grow, but you have to want the growth and strive for greatness in order to successfully achieve it.

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