What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Vermont Technical College?


Anonymous, Student, Vermont Technical College, Class of 2017

The small class size that Vermont Technical College offers is one of the many reasons why someone should attend this school. They provide a low student-teacher ratio of only 10:1. This allows teachers to get to know their students individually, as well as give them the tools they need in order to succeed. This learning style thus allows for successful completion and knowledge of their major. VTC currently has a job placement rate of 96% upon graduation. This school is also fairly affordable compared to other schools in the surrounding area.

Anonymous, Student, Vermont Technical College, Class of 2016

The job placement rate at Vermont Technical College exceeds most colleges. The school has a reputation of creating well rounded students. The students a given many hands-on opportunities and have exceptional internship placements.

Anonymous, Student, Vermont Technical College, Class of 2017

Some great reasons to attend VTC I‘m committed to lifelong learning, and for the pursuit of excellence in the nursing field. I am hoping to enhance my passion for life-long learning and promote the opportunity for self growth. I am a very compassionate person, and feel that nursing will bring out the best of my qualities. Nursing is a great career choice, which fits my personality and lifelong goals. . I believe I can benefit from this experience, as well as be a great addition to the health services field to superior status, as well as physically, mentally, and emotionally represent our mission, vision, and values.

Anonymous, Student, Vermont Technical College, Class of 2017

Someone should attend Vermont Technical College because it is located in a beautiful part of Vermont, the class sizes are small, and there are many great degree programs.

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