What is a typical Jordan Elbridge High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Jordan Elbridge High School.


Anonymous, Student, Jordan Elbridge High School, Class of 2016

The typical J-E student is friendly and caring. Whenever there is a need to support someone in need, raise funds for a team or club, the student body comes together in bodies as well as in donations. Being a small school, you get to know most everyone which makes it more like family. As the school as gone through changes in administrators and teachers, the students have weathered the changes. The students have rallied to assist each other. Our coaches and advisors take time to know us , support our causes. Many go out of their way, and are not disappearing at the last school bell of the day. The best members of the student body are open, caring and ready to step up to help. You never know when you may need support. I have been lucky to be part of 2 championships in marching band and winter guard . The students took the time to wish us well, come to our competitions, and cheer us on when we won state championships. They still came out when we did not fare so well. Our auditorium is always packed for our musicals. The students who are not working on the musical or in it are there to cheer us on and bring multiple ovations!

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