What was a typical Kutztown University of Pennsylvania student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.


Anonymous, Student, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017

At Kutztown University many students are polite and generous. A person that should attend Kutztown University must be able to balance school work and socializing with their peers. This student must also have a lot of school spirit for the student body has pride and integrity. There is a zero tolerance for bullying at the university and those interested must be mature and solve problems in a healthy and positive manner. A typical high school student that currently attends Kutztown was involved in sports and other after school activities such as student council or the newspaper club. The high school student took their school work very seriously and used outside sources if help was needed. Although the student may have been scared about attending a college that was away from their family and friends, the student was ready for new and exciting experiences.

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