What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend New Hampshire Institute of Art?


Anonymous, Student, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Class of 2019

The school has a wonderful illustration and photography curriculum. Along with a accepting and community functional school body. Last but not least, The school offers one of the largest Financial aid packages I have ever seen. There are at least 15,000 in merit based scholarships. Even and exceptional portfolio scholarship of 5,000 will be applied towards your annual cost each year. The school is a wonderful and lovely body of creativity.

Anonymous, Student, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Class of 2016

The student to teacher ratio is fairly balanced allowing for artists to improve with the attentive assistance of their instructors. It also an amazing arts program that is very well rounded which gives students the option to try every medium. Lastly, the services provided and the staff are amazing. It's easy to feel comfortable coming to them with problems or questions about anything you may be experiencing as a student, whether you commute or live on campus.

Anonymous, Student, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Class of 2018

The New Hampshire Institute of Art is a small art school. There are no more than 500 total BFA students and 200 total MFA students at any given time, which means that the student-to-instructor ratio is ideal in a field where the curriculum is entirely hands-on. It also means that all of the professors know who you are, regardless of ever having their class before, and they know of the artwork that you do and what your aspirations are. This is great for networking, because all of our instructors are also working artists, and have a wide range of contacts beneficial to getting work outside of school. Due to there being so few students, it is easier to be recognized by your artwork, and it aids when requests are made for student participation on projects, jobs and internships. Student-life is also adaptable to the needs and requests of students. Our dining halls have vegan and gluten-free options, and is constantly improving to suit the desires of the student population. We do not have fraternities or sororities due to our small size, but we do have a multitude of clubs and committees that range from Neo-Victorian costume making, to our Queer-Student Union and Feminism clubs, and even a group that plays soccer at points during the week. We also have a student-run art gallery and a Student Leadership Committee dedicated to assisting in the formation of new clubs and event planning. If there isn't a club for you, it's very simple to form your own so that you have a place to belong. Our residence halls are being updated and renovated to cater to the needs of students and the introduction of some new features were all brought into consideration through an open panel with the students already living there, in order to make our residences more accustomed to the needs of the students, and to aid giving students a second home while at school during the year.

Anonymous, Student, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Class of 2015

One reason that someone should attend NHIA is that all of the core classes are focused around art. There are no subjects that are not relevant to some form of art. Another reason as to why someone should attend this school is that there is a good teacher-student ratio at 11:1. This gives the student a better relationship with his or her professors and more one on one time to ask any questions. My final reason is that NHIA is an accredited school and produces amazing art with it's in-depth and successful forms of teaching.

Anonymous, Student, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Class of 2016

  1. The teachers. I cannot stress how amazing the teachers are here. They are all practicing artists, they all know so much information in their fields that they are willing to share with students. These teachers care so so much about each and every student.
  2. The classes. The classes here are varied and a student can take classes from any concentration (major). The students have wide ranges for liberal art classes as well as classes for their concentrations.
  3. The diversity of the students. NHIA is not just the typical art students from high school. There is a wide diversity of students who share the same passion for art. There are athletic students, outgoing students, quiet students, students that write as their form of art, and students that take as many math and science classes as they do art classes.

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