What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Northwest Indian College?


Anonymous, Student, Northwest Indian College, Class of 2016

My school excels in rocketry, as our rocket club in known nation wide for its competitive accomplishments against top engineering school. We recently were on NPR doing a segment on how our small rocket team makes for good competitions nationwide, with a minimal budget, and limited knowledges on engineering.

Our school also is known for its basketball teams, as we're not in a division, and will play just about any college that wants to play us. This last season we won more games than we lost, are are starting to be known for our talented individuals, all who are of Native American decent.

Our school provides traditional artworks, beading, drum making, flute making and basket weaving. These classes are usually full by the beginning of each quarter, and make our school curriculum unique to other schools.

Anonymous, Student, Northwest Indian College, Class of 2015

based on the very diverse student body, our students are partying, engaging in outdoor activities like gardening, running, or canoe pulling, or they are going out to the movies which is the only thing to do on a rainy day in Bellingham.

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