Describe the type of student who should not attend Eastern Illinois University and explain why.



There are very few individuals who would not benefit from the EIU experience. I have seen very few people leave EIU unsatisfied. However, the people who do not enjoy EIU are those who feel "stir crazy" in the small community of Charleston. Charleston is not the most exciting place, and students must learn to thrive by establishing friendships and spending time with new people. Individuals who get their thrills from shopping at the mall, experiencing an active "downtown" scene, or the city life would not enjoy EIU very much.

Anonymous, Student, Eastern Illinois University, Class of 2018

Slackers and party kids should not come to this school. Eastern prides itself on providing ample opportunities for those willing to have motivation and drive to become successful. Those who want to skip class, not put in work, and party everyday will not be successful and are encouraged to not come here.

Anonymous, Student, Eastern Illinois University, Class of 2018

Someone who doesn't take their education seriously. Someone who plans to goof off. If they don't want a good career that they love they shouldn't attend Eastern Illinois University.

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