Would you recommend attending Strake Jesuit College Prep School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Yes. You won't regret it.

I went to St. Agnes and my brother went to Strake. They are excellent schools, many of our teachers were professors and wonderful mentors who did everything they could to make sure we were successful. They went above and beyond and gave us networking opportunities and listened to our opinions. We had a wonderful mix of male and female teachers and friends of all backgrounds. It was wonderful being right across the parking lot from each other and nice to be focused in the classroom without distractions, but at the same time be able to everything with the other school outside of class. The food is top-notch at both school( really it's amazing). Strake Jesuit really does make men for others. They start of as foolish boys coming in freshman year and they graduate as young successful men who are responsible and ready for college. For many of them, college was actually easier. Having gone to St. Agnes, I can say that I had many friends and The diversity really makes for a wonderful experience and I saw no bullying or anything( I know that's hard to believe). I can also say that at St. Agnes we were able to be ourselves and people embraced each other's differences. My brother admits Strake was very academically challenging. However, he got use to its workload and was able to manage his time very well and was very successful with both academics and sports. He also had many friends and they still meet up each summer as a group to catch up and hang out. Strake and St. Agnes hold a special places in our hearts and we are forever thankful for our time there. We traveled 45 miles to school and 45 miles back every single day and it was worth it no doubt.

Anonymous, Student, Strake Jesuit College Prep School, Class of 2016

I would definitely recommend the school to any young man who wants to expand their knowledge upon limits. It is a great school to create new friends and experience new and different things.

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