Would you recommend attending Bishop Eustace Prep School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Bishop Eustace Prep School, Class of 2016

Eustace was the school for me, I knew it and so did my mom. But one person that could not see me going to Eustace was my 8th grade teacher. She told me very bluntly that she did not think that was right school for me. As I said my mom always challenged us. So she tested me to prove to my teacher that I could get into Eustace. A few months later, a letter was sent to my house from Eustace. Opening the letter was such a rush,there was no hesitation for a second. I was so astonished to get into my top school choice.Since I live in Philadelphia and my school is in New Jersey. It takes quite a while for me to get to school. No I do not live in Center City or South Philadelphia, where the majority of people who also attend Eustace live. I live about an hour and thirty minutes away by public transportation. Since freshman year I had to be up between 4:30 and 5:00. Public transportation was my only option to getting to school. But the fact I had to travel state to state every day, not to mention by myself without anyone being by side was not ordinary. I have witnessed things on the new jersey transit that a teenager normally should not. I have walked miles when the bus has broken down and the next bus was not coming for another hour or so. But since I am so dedicated to school and activities, I never had time to waste so I would walk those few extra miles.It was all about dedication to me. Nothing ever stopped me from getting to school and being the best student I could be.

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