Describe the type of student who should attend Urbana High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Urbana High School, Class of 2016

The type of student who should attend Urbana High School is ambitious. The students are ambitious with the school curriculum, sports, collegiate plans, career plans, and with leadership opportunities within extra-curricular activities. Ambition is key at Urbana High school, actually taking yourself and your specialty seriously, so that you could take advantage of what the area and the school has to offer. We are provided education, programs, and networking opportunities under the University of Illinois, since the campus is in such close proximity. I, myself, have learned that I am gifted in science and service. This has lead to my decision to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Moreover, my leadership in the school as African-American Club president and previous Vice President for two years has allowed me to learn a lot about executive positions and about being an effective leader. This has allows me to see, that I would like to get involved with Business Administration and move up the corporate ladder, after becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. The type of student who should attend Urbana High School is, also, sociable. If you are sociable, the teachers are more likely to notice you, invite you to events, introduce you to like minded people, tutor you, give advice and mentor you, be supportive, and give you recommendations. Some teachers have helped students get internships as an introduction to the student's career interest. Being sociable among the student population reaps many benefits as well, such as: peer-tutoring, invitations to exclusive events, help getting into an entry level job, and peer-editing on papers. Urbana High School will give you results of what you give to it. If you give ambition and your best, you will have opportunity and your name will carry a respectable weight. If you are sociable, you will be given even more opportunity because of favor and you will acquire wisdom from networking with various kinds of people. The students who are successful within and after my school are, both, ambitious and sociable.

Anonymous, Student, Urbana High School, Class of 2017

I beleive the type of student that should attend here is one that is committed. The student should have clear goals, and be willing to work hard for them. They should be flexible, and above all, have a good outlook on everything.

Anonymous, Student, Urbana High School, Class of 2016

I am a senior of Urbana High School and these past four years I have seen people from many different races coming together in one school. I feel that anybody who wants a great education should attend this school. Attending a high school and completing it is not a matter of who should, but who is up to the task of it. Anybody can attend High School, however not many will finish it. It needs to be somebody responsible, respectful and encouraged. Encouraged to become someone in life and have a better future. Somebody who won't back down from the different obstacles presented in High School. The question is not who should, but who is sure to finish the race.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Urbana High School

The type of student who should attend Urbana High School is one who is serious about learning and understands the importance of education to both social improvement and personal happiness. Feeling that you are engaged in social and personal improvement is powerful and wonderful.

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