Describe the type of student who should attend Notre Dame Academy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Notre Dame Academy, Class of 2016

A student at Notre Dame Academy needs to be someone who wants to be educated. The high school is a college preparatory school. The classes and teachers prepare the students to handle large work load, be prepared, and be independent. The teachers are very helpful, but remind their students to work at being independent in order to prepare for the future. A student who wants to attend this school must want to change, or improve for the better. They must want to be able to adapt and have the skills and resources in order to tackle any issue. Like the school motto, every student is bold, beautiful, and brilliant. Every single person has the potential to be anything they want to be, they just need to take any chance they get. Not everyone is able to be born with talent and skills. Notre Dame Academy does not expect natural born leaders, but those who are willing to put the effort and hard work into becoming the best leader a person is capable of being.

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