What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at North Central State College?


Anonymous, Student, North Central State College, Class of 2017

We have paint parties, which are a blast to go to and meet new people. We have different comedians and hypnotist come in, which are a blast to experience. They also provide us with free tacos from taco bell after the shows they have for us. One last thing is when we have our homecoming week, their are always different events going on throughout the week. My personal favorite is when they have the fun day in the gym with free pizza and bouncy houses and obstacle courses and basketball. It is always a great way to meet new people and make ever lasting friendships.

Anonymous, Student, North Central State College, Class of 2016

North Central State College offers a variety of activities for students. On campus, there is a free art center where artists from around the United States can put their exhibits for students to enjoy. The college also offers a lot of physical activities such as yoga, basketball, volleyball, and other intramural sports. Every year the campus has a Rock-n-Ribs festival. Well known bands from across the nation and rib vendors set up to help raise money for scholarships and other funds for the college, plus it's a lot of entertainment for the students. North Central State College definitely has a little bit of everything to suite students interests.

Anonymous, Student, North Central State College, Class of 2016

  1. Annual Foam Pit Party
  2. Play basketball, sometimes with our teacher.
  3. Go off campus for lunch with buddies

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