Would you recommend attending Helena High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Helena High School

No, the high school is old, over run with silverfish, does not have enough room for the classes to eat lunch at a table. The school needs to be imploded and rebuilt.

Anonymous, Student, Helena High School, Class of 2016

If the choices were limited to schools in Helena I would certainly recommend Helena High to be the top choice for educational and societal reasons. It has the best teachers, and everybody is very welcoming at the school. However, if there were choices available outside of Helena I would strongly recommending getting out as soon as possible. Even though everybody appears to be very happy and pretends everything is okay, there is something very wrong with this town. Helena High is the better school by far, but it is also unfortunately known for having the most suicides in Helena. Helena High is the place to be if in Helena, but if possible there are much better opportunities awaiting all over the world.

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