How do you convert a percent to a fraction?


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Both are correct but I would like to provide you with one more things to consider. It is when the percent is converted to a repeating decimal. If you have a percent that turns into a repeating decimal, then it needs to be over 9. For example. .11111.... should written as 1/9 but if the percent converts to something like .424242... then it needs to written as 42/99. After the fraction is set up, it is also important to reduce again.

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To convert a percent to a fraction, just put the percent number over 100. For example, 20% could be written as 20/100 which could then be reduced to 2/10 (by taking a common factor of 10 out of the numerator and denominator) and then reduced again to 1/5 (by taking a common factor of 2 out of the numerator and denominator).

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To convert a percent to a fraction, think of the percent as being "over one hundred," then reduce it. For helpful math tips and lessons, make sure to check out Noodle's learning materials.

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