What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at East Central College?


Anonymous, Student, East Central College, Class of 2015

1) Go to the art gallery, plays, classical concerts 2) Manic Monday, where students prepare for the week and get some food and hang out 3) Movie Nights, Pizza lunch, pancake breakfast, FALCON FEST!!! (Students have fun playing creative games and learn about clubs)

Anonymous, Student, East Central College, Class of 2015

At East Central College, there are plenty of fun things to do at the end of a school day. Here is my list of the top 3 things that students can do for fun at ECC:

  1. Students at East Central College are privileged to have a wonderful music and theater program, so my classmates and I often attend performances together. The theater at ECC is a really nice place to go after a long stressful week of studying. It's so much fun to be able to hang out with my friends while enjoying some beautiful music or watching a play.

  2. Another fun thing to do is go to the college library. There are plenty of really good books to read, or audio books to listen to. I also like to play computer games there, or just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. There are even some movies available to borrow for watching at home.

  3. Lastly, my favorite thing to do at ECC is visit the art gallery. The works on display change periodically, and there are also special art showings a couple times each year that I like going to as well. Some of my classmates have even displayed their own works of art at the gallery, and it's really fun to see their creations.

Whether it's music, books, or art, there's always something fun to do at ECC.

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