Can a child register in the 10th grade in NYC public Schools? she was studying in LA


Anonymous, Education researcher

Yes, she can. NYC has screened and unscreened programs, so you have to do a little research first to learn which schools/programs you're interested in and qualify for. Screened programs have specific criteria you have to meet to be considered for admissions, while unscreened programs accept students as long as there are open seats. Once you have a list together, contact each school to find out if they have openings and to set up a meeting to tour the school. Even though it can be challenging to get into the most popular schools, families move around unexpectedly so it's worthwhile asking. NYC public schools have a position called "parent coordinator," and these staff members play an important role as a bridge between the school and families. They're great people to get to know because they're familiar with what's going on at their schools, as well as the steps you have to follow to get into the system. Hope things go smoothly!

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