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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Bellin College?


Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2017

  1. Play games in the meeting hall like corn toss.
  2. Enjoy a nice walk along the well manicured grounds.
  3. Simulate different scenarios using the interactive nursing dummies in the labs.
Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2016

Students at Bellin College participate in a variety of activities. Many of them also attend UWGB, so there are a plenty of activities through the university to take part in. Many of us also join after school groups and participate that way. The school puts on a banquet every year for everyone, which is a fun way to dress up and have fun with your classmates.

Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2016

1) The Bellin College groundskeepers have set up a volleyball net and bag toss boards for the students to use when nursing classes get too stressful. 2) Many students go to local coffee shops and restaurants during breaks between classes or to go study to get that jolt of caffeine needed for nursing school. 3) There are different student organizations that students can join. One such organization is the Bellin Student Nurses’ Association. Activities are primarily directed toward professional development, community involvement, participation in state and national conventions and National Student Nurses; Week. The organization has been recognized at local, state and national levels for their community work related to cancer prevention.

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