What was a typical Los Angeles Harbor College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Los Angeles Harbor College.


Anonymous, Student, Los Angeles Harbor College, Class of 2017

There is really no particular student that shouldn't attend Harbor College, a high school student could be a straight A student and decide not to go to a University so they decide to go to a community college. There could be that one student who graduated with straight C's and attend Harbor College and get straight A's or B's. Many students come from around the area, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Pedro or Torrance. Old people around their 40's come to Los Angeles Harbor College to try and finish school.

Anonymous, Student, Los Angeles Harbor College, Class of 2018

Well some of the Los Angeles Harbor college students are from Harbor teacher prep, which is a high school located nearby and most of those people are very energetic, lively people, either in the lass or outside it. LAHC is a school for people who want to start on their college career but do not have enough credits or money to go into their school of their chose. LAHC is a steeping stone for people to reach higher places.

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