Asked about: Padua Academy

Would you recommend attending Padua Academy if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Padua Academy, Class of 2015

As much as I have struggled with school, I have had experiences here that I wouldn't change for the world. Yes, the people I've met here are wonderful, the friends I have made are ones I know I'll have forever, but the teachers are the people that have truly changed my life. Every teacher I've had throughout my 4 years here have been passionate about what they teach. You can tell they really care about their students and want the best for them. I have created relationships with teachers that are unbelievable, these teachers have inspired me to become a better person, stand up for myself, think differently, and become the best version of myself. They have made me become excited to go to class and learn, their passion gives me motivation to do better and try my hardest.

So yes, I would recommend attending Padua Academy if you're a student that wants to be pushed to do her hardest, be in a supportive community, have teachers that care, and wants an amazing education.

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