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Describe the type of student who should not attend Brown University and explain why.


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While no university's appeal can be defined by a tightly defined list, some qualities do stand out to characterize the atmosphere – and by extension, the kinds of people who tend to be drawn to it. In recent years, Brown has made efforts to beef up its STEM offerings and it now boasts a business masters degree program, as well.

But in general, Brown appeals to independent-minded students, students interested in a cross-disciplinary and individualistic approach to study and understanding. Brown's "New Curriculum" – now the "Brown Curriculum," since after 45 years it's not so new anymore – is still quite unique in academia: Brown undergraduates are subject to zero distribution requirements and enjoy tremendous freedom and opportunities to create their own majors, merge programs of study and engage intellectually with others who share those values. For someone who has no interest in or really spurns this kind of approach, Brown's strengths might be wasted. Furthermore, that kind of student would probably be less at home in the intellectual atmosphere of the school.

As a Brown alum nearly a half century out, I always find that I have something in common with other Brown grads, regardless of their age, so there has to be something to the character of the students whom the school seeks to admit – and the kind of adults they are molded into through their Brown education.

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Brown university is not only an institute to study but it is something from which a person grows. It enables a person to deal with the best of their potential and helps them to grow. Back to school coupons 2018 has also been really helpful for the students for the school supplies.


I believe that everyone can attend Brown University and that there are many people at Brown University. The financial aid might not be enough for many people and debts/loans may not be an option for many people.

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