Describe the type of student who should attend Marymount Manhattan College. Why?


Carol Loomis, character

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The best way to know the character and the portrait of the MMC student is to join the Students Community at Marymount Manhattan College. They have announced about First Generation Student Reception. In fact, there are possible variants to register and write my essay for the college resume application. Besides, it's better to read the concerns and complaints of students with bias in the sections.


Committed, determined, and open-minded. Those are the three most defining characteristics of a Marymount Manhattan student, or a Griffin (our mascot). Collectively, we represent diversity, urbanity, and progressiveness. We have a hunger for learning, for soaking up the vast amount of knowledge in whatever field(s) we choose to study. Be it performing arts, visual arts, or even digital media, Marymount students cover a wide array of specialties, a wide array of personality and humanity. Together, the students here strive to better not only themselves and their community (the incomparable New York City), but the entire world around them.

Anonymous, Student, Marymount Manhattan College, Class of 2019

A creative and open minded student should attend MMC; This school is very diverse. Also a person who is comfortable with the fast-paced city life rather than an encolsed campus.

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